Attractive, sustainable, durable spaces that are fast to build and don’t usually require planning permission to install. Green Garden Offices Workspaces are standard models built on the foundation of 17 years of design experience in premium garden buildings and if these options don’t fit your needs, try our full design and build Green Studios range for something bespoke.

Think of Green Garden Offices as the ‘off-the-peg’ designer label, Green Studios as haute couture. Green Garden Offices are ready to go, but far from fast fashion: they’re high-end products, very precisely designed.


1) Space

Do you have sufficient space in your garden to accommodate your new Workspace building? Bear in mind that you might not (yet) be able to measure easily in your garden if there’s an existing shed to be removed or planting that needs to be cleared.

We’ve allowed within these sizes enough space for your door to open easily. Please also be mindful of the HEIGHT of the building – it’s just under 2.5m high, but we do need room to construct it and it’s also wise to ensure that you haven’t got tree branches hanging directly on to your building. So we recommend that you have 3m clear space.

2) Site clearance and levelling

You need to clear your garden so there’s space ready for your new building to be installed. This might mean removing plants, an existing shed or taking up decking. Take care if there are trees in the way as there are rules around the removal of trees, if you live in a conservation area for example. If in doubt, contact your local council Tree Officer for advice.

We need you to clear the space removing all planting to ground level, along with any significant roots. The site needs to be levelled – this is not a precise process and all we ask is that it is broadly level, to within 50mm tolerance across the width and depth. And once you’ve levelled the site, you then need to compact the ground.

3) Site access

We’ve designed our buildings so they can be carried, in parts, through a house or garden flat if you have no separate access. The only issue that might arise is if you do not have a particularly straight route through your home. If you’re in any doubt, please get in touch, you can always send us photos or a video to explain and we’ll advise if we can make it work. And if you’re blessed with a separate access around your house, at least 600mm wide, then it’s really straight forward.

Either way, once you’ve placed your order, our Customer Care team will guide you through gathering the information we need to plan for the successful delivery of your building.

3 Steps;


Choose your options and Pay the 25% deposit

Once you’ve checked that you’ve got the space for your chosen workspace, pay your deposit or contact the team to chat if you have any questions. So if you’re ready to order, please go to the ORDER NOW page and select any options you require. Once you’ve paid your 25% deposit, we’ll then reserve you a slot in our installation schedule and get everything ready.


We will be in contact

Within 2 working days (Mon to Fri) of placing your order, our Customer Care team will call you to review your order and send you detailed instructions to prepare for the arrival of our installation team. This will include asking you to upload photos and video of your garden to our file transfer site and complete a simple questionnaire about your home so we can organise your project. We will talk to you about the provision of a new electrical power supply to the building – if this is something that you’re not able to arrange using your own local electrician, we’ll be able to give you a price for our electrician to do the job, after we’ve gathered a bit more information.


Your Green Garden Office is installed

Delivery is usually within 3 weeks and installation normally takes just 4 days from foundations to full completion. We will give you a date to start your installation, usually within 3 weeks of receiving your order, unless you need more time to prepare your garden. The installation itself then usually takes 4 working days to complete, at the end of which time we ask you to check that you’re happy with the finished work and pay your final balance.

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